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Body Treatments


Restore and Nourish

90 minutes

A relaxing all over exfoliation and layering of richly nourishing goat butter. The antihistamines and a high level of Vitamin A, B, C, D minerals naturally incorporated  into the goat butter make the treatment particularly popular with allergies, neurodermatitis. and psoriasis. It reduces inflammation, heals, promotes cell regeneration and promotes healthy looking skin. Scalp massage during dry flotation experience. Goats butter is recommended  by Dermatologists. 

Additionally features scalp massage with pink clay mask with warm dry flotation.

Aroma Polish

30 minutes

A relaxing all over exfoliation and layering of richly nourishing products to leave the skin looking radiant and feeling wonderfully smooth.

Upgrade and enhance your treatment with a warm Dry Floatation Experience – add time to treatment.


Rose Indulgence

90 minutes

The ultimate exfoliation and wrap treatment to uplift the spirit and enrich the skin. Skin is exfoliated smooth then nourished with a full rose ritual from hair to toe. The treatment begins with guided breathing to aid relaxation followed by a full body exfoliation, softening the skin, and allowing the layering of rose products to fully absorb.

Inhalation with guided breathing, full body exfoliation layering of products, focuses on the back, legs, arms, abdomen, chest and scalp.

Additionally features scalp massage with pink clay mask with warm dry flotation.


Revive and Tone

90 minutes

 The complete, full body detox with five key treatment stages.


Begins with dry brushing followed by a stimulating exfoliation using a fusion of sea salt and green coffee oil to slough away dead skin cells. A freshwater mud mask and wrap brightens and refines skin while tension is diffused with a scalp or foot reflex point massage.


Following this a deeply invigorating massage works to brighten and tone legs. This advanced treatment is completed by coating the skin with 3 stage regime packed with high powered essential oils to revive our body, nourish your skin and reset your mind.


Features body brushing, full body exfoliation, body mask and wrap, leg massage and choice of accompanying scalp or foot reflex massage



Cryoskin Body Slimming and Toning treatments use a handheld wand to precisely treat troubled spots. The thermoelectric cooling treatment kills subcutaneous fat tissue without damaging the overlying skin. In the weeks following a treatment, the destroyed cells pass naturally through your body. This shedding process can be heightened with activities like exercise and Red Light Therapy.

What are the Benefits of CryoSkin-BODY Slimming and Toning?


  • Tightens Skin and Reduces Cellulite

  • Improves Circulation and Boost the Immune System

  • Lymphatic Drainage to help Blood flow and Detox the Body

  • Increase Blood Circulation

  • Improves the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Reduces Fat and lose inches

  • Boost Energy and Mood

  • Burn 500-800 calories

This treatment lasts for 20-40 minutes and is performed manually through slow movements and massage techniques. The treatment begins with 2 minutes of heat and then decreases in temperature that affects the fat cells and reduces cellulite.

The purpose of the treatment is to lower the temperature of the fat cells enough to reduce fat without harming any surrounding tissue. This process is non-invasive, relaxing and effective to reduce fat and cellulite.

Cryoskin Body Slimming and Toning

45 minutes

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