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Wellness Treatments


If you have been feeling stressed, out of sync, or are simply experiencing some physical ailment, an alternative treatment may be a fantastic option for redressing the balance.

Some of our popular alternative treatments include dry floats, a warming and relaxing treatment working to relieve bodily and mental tension, reflex points of the feet, which uses ancient insight to work on the body’s pressure points for a head-to-toe re-energized feeling, and Sun Light Therapy the treatments main aim is to help alleviate Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) also known as winter depression. These innovative treatments can reduce pain, rid the body of tension and dispel fatigue, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

Sun Light Therapy - A sensory Relaxation Experience

30 minutes

A sensory relaxation experience designed for emotional therapy, the Sunlight Therapy takes guests from darkness to sunrise, up to peak sunshine and then back to sunset – all within the comfort of a relaxation room at any time of the year. Designed to recreate the benefits of the sun, without the harm from its rays. Recline and deeply relax from sunrise to sunset in a 30min cycle.

Low levels of UV are emitted through specialist ‘day light’ lamps in the room which are strong enough to promote a production of vitamin D, yet considered harmless in radiation-terms – so no sunscreen is required. The temperature and light both feel gently warm, like being outside on a pleasant, breeze-free summer’s day.
The treatment main aim is to help alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
SAD, also known as ‘winter depression’ is thought to affect one in three Americans, causing anxiety, stress, lethargy and a low mood. In addition to managing stress, taking regular exercise and consuming a healthy diet, getting as much natural daylight as possible – which could be supplemented by light therapy – can help treat the condition.

Dry Flotation Therapy

30 minutes

Discover dry flotation therapy, a truly memorable experience at Color box Wellness

The Treatment
Imagine if you could float on a cloud, without any effort and while you are floating, you are being supported and cocooned by a warm layer filled with water that helps you to relax like you never have before…and because you are literally floating, gravity is almost absent, which allows stress and tension to lift from your body and mind. That is floatation therapy!

The Reward
You will float your way to inner peace, with a warm, uplifting feeling of total relaxation and tranquility. The floatation bed takes the shape of your body, which helps deliver heat to your skin and deeper tissues. The bed has a zero gravity position, which provides a particularly deep state of relaxation, ideal for alleviating muscular pain.

Health Benefits of Floating
Floatation Therapy (also known as Sensory Deprivation Therapy), has many proven health benefits to both the mind and body. During the 30-minute floatation period you will eliminate external input to your senses, which allows your mind the same experience as deep meditation. At the same time, the absence of points of contact on your body has a beneficial effect on the muscular system, circulation and joints.

Everyone can benefit from the effects of floating:

  • Regenerates the body

  • Regenerates the mind

  • Reduces stress levels - Since there is little for your brain to do, every muscle can fully relax and you’ll feel almost like you’re dreaming. In this state, the brain releases vast amounts of endorphins, a ‘feel good’ chemical.

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Improves mood

  • Helps with sleep quality - . As you float, the body lowers its cortisol levels – otherwise known as the ‘stress hormone’. A reduction in anxiety will help improve sleep

  • Aids in muscular recovery

Dry Floatation Therapy can give that stillness back to you, even if you’ve never meditated a day in your life!


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