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Holistic Facial Therapies


Restore harmony and reset your body’s natural balance with our collection of holistic 'hands on' treatments from Color Box. Influenced by an expert mix of ancient traditions and the latest innovations in health and well-being, we aim to enhance health and uplift the soul with our range of face and body treatments. Our holistic therapies are designed to nurture, calm and soothe the face body and soul.


Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Wellbeing Facial

90 minutes

More than just a facial, it’s a pioneering treatment that focuses on lowering stress levels in the body and encouraging full reset and repair for the skin and mind.


Relax with our Ultimate Wellbeing Facial to bring balance back for visibly glowing, healthy skin.

Scalp, face, and décolleté massage release areas of tension, improve blood flow and activate pressure points to encourage lymphatic drainage and a gentle abdominal massage using warm oil supports top-to-toe physical and emotional wellness.


Skin is cleansed and exfoliated using expertly formulated, high performance natural products that contain botanical actives.

Serum, oil and moisturizer are applied for optimum hydration, alongside a specialized massage and mask for tired eyes. The treatment is supported by mood-boosting essential oils for results you can see and feel.


Aromatherapy Associates  Ultimate Glow Facial

60 minutes

A revitalizing facial design to support the skin’s natural defenses and combat the pressures of a busy lifestyle.

Built to combat tired and dull skin, this uplifting and energizing facial helps skin, mind and body recover. The face is cleansed and exfoliated using botanical actives and carefully crafted essential oils to rejuvenate tired skin, targeting skin and mind for immediate results. Tailored scalp, face and décolleté massage works to release areas of tension and stimulate circulation for a glowing complexion. A powerful combination of serum, oil and moisturizer provide maximum hydration, leaving your skin and mind revitalized.

Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Rebalancing Facial

60 minutes

A soothing facial crafted for skin under stress. From intuitive aromatherapy inhalation to our breathing rituals powered by aromatherapy, the treatment is designed to calm the skin and mind.

Unwind with the ultimate rebalancing facial to combat aggravated skin. It locks in moisture by providing a double cleanse, exfoliating away dead skin cells, and applying serum's, oil and moisturizer to repair skin under strain. Scalp, face, and décolleté massage address your skin, body, and mind to relieve areas of tension. Each product contains a unique blend of essential oils, botanical actives and skin stress relief technology to target the cause and effect of internal and external aggressors. Help your body to help your skin; stress response is lowered, mind and body are in equilibrium, and skin radiance is restored.

Indian Head Massage

45 minutes

Discover a more relaxed self with an ancient practice developed for the Hustle & Bustle of modern Day Living. A Touch therapy performed on a chair, (client fully clothed), invigorating and therapeutic techniques applied to Upper Regions of the body. Ideal for relieving tension headaches, insomnia, eye strain, sinusitis, chronic neck and shoulder stiffness. Aimed at working on improving circulation and dispersal of toxins from tensed knotted muscles. Perfect for those with limited time.


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