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Special Offers

Now open Sundays! Time to de-stress!

 Sunshine and Floatation Therapy Package Enjoy a Sunlight Therapy - A sensory relaxation experience - 45min Dry Floatation Therapy - 30mins


Reduced Sunday Price 


Exclusive to Color Box America's first and only - Sunlight Therapy.


A sensory relaxation experience designed for emotional therapy, the Sunlight Therapy takes guests from darkness to sunrise, to peak sunshine and then back to sunset, all within the comfort of a relaxation wellness suite at any time of the year. Designed to recreate the benefits of the sun, without the harm from its rays. Stimulates the production of the happy hormone and vitamin D to strengthen your immune system and alleviate the condition S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Benefits also include; Alleviates anxiety and stress.


 Dry Floatation Therapy

Clients enjoy a highly efficient treatment at an optimal treatment temperature in a nearly weightless condition. The Dry Floatation System adapts ideally to the body, providing relief for the entire supporting system and catering for ergonomically perfect position of the spine. The Comfortable heat and weightless condition lead to relaxation of the muscles and the muscular-skeletal, which improves therapeutic effectiveness. Benefits include; reduces stress levels, improves sleep quality, relieves anxiety and aids in muscle recovery.

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Our Theme of the Month of February is "Self Love"


We are here to help you be a little more kind to yourself!


Enjoy 20% discount with our Compliments on Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Rebalancing Facial

Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Glow Facial

All waxing treatments Face and Body


Only enjoy 20% discount if booked in the month of February


Your Experience is waiting...


A Journey to Renew and Enhance at Color Box. Enjoy 20% off Any Service (excludes packages & Dr O'Neill services)

*Offers apply to New Clients or to our Existing clients experiencing a new treatment at Color Box

We look forward to Welcoming You..


** All offers are subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other discount.

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